Olde Freehold Day
July 23, 2016
Lake Topanemus, Freehold, NJ
Olde Freehold Day has an annual triathlon as one of our many events.  It takes place before the rest of the day with music begins.
The Triathlon starts at 9am. There are three stages to the event.   To begin there is a 1 ½ mile Run. This is one lap around the trail.   The Second stage begins when the runner reaches their teammae waiting at the starting line with their bike. That team member then has a 3 mile Bike Ride; which is two laps around the trail. Once that part of the event is completed there is a Break for the Calculation of  the times. We conclude with  One lap arround the pond with the PaddleBoats. All the teams begin at the same time for this portion. Winners will be announced follwing the Grand Finish of the event.  
We are accepting registrations for the Triathlon.   We ask that each team pre-register before the day.   Please call  Jim Lau at 732-939-6600 or Ed Daley at 732-513-7626.
There will be a Max of 8 teams. Each team must have a minimum of 2 people; Each team usually has 4 people. One Person to Run. One person to Bike. Two people for the Paddleboats.  
Unfortunately the Triathlon has been Cancelled for this year.